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Snick's Blog - Today's Episode

So, I'm posting After Elton's Snick's Blog from today because his comments brought a much needed smile to my face, and they might do the same to you. If nothing else, the pictures are lovely...

Liveblogging "As The World Turns" : Heartless, Part Two
Posted by snicks on September 7, 2010

Thank you, Eric Sheffer Stevens for giving us an unforgettable character.

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Reid's younger brother

Omg, Omg, Omg...

K, this is not really news or anything but I had to share this with people who would understand.

I work in a health card office here in Canada - I issue health cards for people and such.

5 minutes ago a guy walked up to my counter who I swear to Van's Red Underware, could've been Eric ten years ago or his younger brother now. Same redish hair. SAME DAMN SMILE. Same blue eyes. Face, body type... EVERYTHING WAS IDENTICAL!!!!

Trying to be professional and process him but couldn't look at him cause every time I did, i got this stupid-ass smile on my face and what am I supposed to say to the guy?

So he just left and I got up from my station to come to the back to use the internet because I just HAD to share with someone cause no one here would understand.

Even for the hotness factor, there were no girl or gay co-workers around at that moment to appreciate with me!


Okay. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Back to work

Love you all!

Prophecy 2007

Going to Prophecy 2007 which starts tomorrow in Toronto.  Maybe I'll see you there! :D

Howdy folks!

If yer done with the new book and lost in a void of OH-MY-FRIGGIN-GAWD like I am and would like something else to read, I have finally updated Chapter 8 of Spirit Within, and 9 is being worked on too. YOu can find it in two places.

My yahoo site (membership required, but free):\ES/Maven%20Cree%27s%20Stories/HP%20and%20the%20Spirit%20Within/HPSW8.htm

And at

Please note that this chapter is NOT beta'd. Beta'd versions of chapter 8 and chapter 7 will be jointin the other beta'd ones at in a while.

Happy Potter Weekend!!!

Jan. 1st, 2005

(I'm writing as we speak, but I'm also in the bubbly so I may need to re-write a few things later.)

Happy old year!


This message is mainly for those who don't normally go to The Leaky
Cauldron, or who haven't stopped by there today....

You might wanna pay a visit.

They have some links to and some info about something
that EVERY SINGLE Harry Potter fan is DYING to know.

Also, on the TLC site, is two of the first official pics from the GoF
movie.... All I can say is...poor, poor, poor dear Ronald....

Well, it's done.

I tried posting it here, but it won't let me. I'm still trying to figue this LJ out. And Every time! Litterally every stinkin' time I am ready to update this story, is doing some sort of maintanance! Every time!!! (So why the heck am I surprised now?) Anyway, I'll keep trying here. In the mean time, you can read the story at my Yahoo group ( ). It should be posted at when they allow me to and it will be posted, beta'd at in a few days.

Love to hear from ya!


Where we last left off....

K, I know I've been makin' you wait over a year and a half for chapter 7 of HP and Spirit Within, (there is a reason) and, while, I'm not saying anything, cause I promised I wouldn't do that anymore, I would recomend that I you wanted to remind yourself of what was happening in this story, this week would be a really good time to re-read chapters 1-6.

That's all I'm saying.

It's Coming....

It's coming....
I'm on a role. It's coming.
That's all I'm saying about that.


Hello, this is Maven Cree with a public service announcement for all you drivers out there.
Red light means S-T-O-P!!!

Why do I bring this to you with such ire?

Well, you see, Sunday, round about lunch time, I was on a commuter bus on the way to the train station. I was on my way to the third day of the Canadian National Comic Book/SciFi/Anime/Horror Expo in Toronto. We were right across the street from the station (the train was waiting as we were five minutes late due to traffic). Our light turned green and we proceeded through the large intersection. We were going about 4km/hr, everyone preparing there bags for a hasty rush to the train, including the people standing in the isles becuase i was a full bus, when BANG- the driver hits the breaks. Some considerate driver decided that red lights didn't apply to him and drove full speed through the intersection across our path. We came within inches of hitting him. He kept going.

I was sitting down about 4 seats from the front. All I can remember from the actual sudden stop, was the young guy standing next to me, suddenly going horizontal and litterally flying towards the front of the bus. I myself went flying foward in my seat. My knee jammed into the arm rest ahead of me, and one of the other people who had been standing, landed on my back with their elbow or their knee - not sure which.

The human body can be a very kewl thing. Once everything had stopped moving, I realized that not only was I now on the very edge of my seat when I had been all the way back only moments earlier (and I am quite a big girl so it takes *a lot* to move me), but my right hand was resting on the back of the seat in front of me. There was this hard plastic thingy there which I assume used to have a drink holder in it. My hand was on this and had stopped my forward momentum. Had it not, my face would have been in that hard plastic thingy. The thing of it is, I have absolutely no recollection, even right afterwards, of my hand going up there. And from the possition I had been in (sort of on the side of the seat cause this teen next to me had been sitting all sprawled out in his seat, so I was sort of twisted on the side), I had to twist for my hand to get there. Pretty kewl, these automatic reactions.

Anyway, (and here comes the whining), I have several sprained tendons and a muscle in my right hand and right calf and the muscle in my hip joint too. And my back is one big sore muscle with a lovely bruise on the right side. The muscle across the back of my shoulders and the base of my neck are mildly sprained (no whiplash, just over worked - more auto-reactions) constant headache and a wee bit dizzy (but the last two are common with me anyway, but the headache feels a little different this time), but ironically, my knee that smashed into the armrest - perfectly fine. Not a cut, not even a mild bruise. Weird,... it's like that was the imapct point and the badness just richoceted everywhere else. Go figure.

Is there a point to this carthadic statement?



I've been in a rush before, but it's not worth your life or the life of anyone elses. We were going at max 40kph - we had just come from a stop light. (And if I was this injured going slower than the speed limit in the 'burbs, what could going faster have done, especially if we'd hit the idiot.) Red light running seems to be on the rise. Two years ago, the car in front of my dad got hit by a runner and the 20 year old died. My dad had to call it in on his cell and was so disturbed he had to stay home from work for a week and he wouldn't talk to anyone.

I understand that to a lot of people, amber means floor it. Heck I do it myself. But if you know you're not going to make the light, and you almost always know, don't try it.

It's not worth it.